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Science News for Kids! (Sep 2023)

Hello readers!

Sharing the kid-friendly science news with you was so fun last month, that I had to do it again!

First up, some impressive space news: NASA Astronaut Frank Rubio broke records by spending more than a year in space! He was only supposed to in space for 6 months, but the return spacecraft sprung a leak - yikes. Happily the replacement return spacecraft worked, and he’s back on Earth now.

In other space news, OSIRIS-Rex dropped a capsule to Earth with rock samples from a far-off asteroid named Bennu. This was an unmanned spacecraft built to study asteroids, and it’s already on its way to study a different asteroid named Apophis. What a journey!

In weird animal news, an electric blue tarantula species has been discovered in Thailand. This find is extra special because blue color rarely appears in nature.Scientists had to climb trees to find this tarantula species living inside tree hollows.

In amazing animal news, a lungfish named Methuselah is believed to be the oldest living aquarium fish. DNA analysis suggests she’s somewhere between 92-101 years old. I wonder what her secret to longevity is!

In weird flower news, scientists say that the world’s largest and smelliest flower family is in danger of extinction. Rafflesia flowers are sometimes called corpse flowers or stinking corpse lilies, and their smell attracts flies which help pollinate the flowers.

In technology news, UC San Diego researchers have made a water filter out of 3-D printed seaweed polymers and genetically altered bacteria. The link includes a video of this filter slowly turning blue-dyed water clear over several days. The bacteria then self-destructs when the scientists add a caffeine-like molecule to the water. How did they even come up with that?

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