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🗞️ Science News For Kids Roundup! (Aug 2023)

I’m trying something new and rounding up the latest science news for you. I hope these headlines will be fun to share with the kids (and grown-ups) in your life!

Let’s start with some fun animal news: a rare spotless giraffe has been born in the Tennessee zoo! Experts believe she’s the only solid-colored giraffe alive in the world right now.

In weird animal news, a tiny roundworm is still alive after being frozen in Siberian ice for 46,000 years. Scientists already knew this kind of worm, called a nematode, can survive pretty extreme environments, but this was way more extreme than they imagined!

And in sad animal news, scientists are blaming climate change for the catastrophic breeding failure of four emperor penguin colonies. No chicks in those colonies survived in 2022, due to the sea ice melting before the babies had developed waterproof feathers.

In space news, India has become the first country to land a space probe on the South Pole of the Moon! And the James Webb Telescope has captured an incredible image of the Whirpool Galaxy.

Finally, in technology news, flying taxis may soon be able to take you straight from your home to the airport!

That’s it for now!

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